Category: All the Ghosts Lyrics

  • Annie’s Yellow Bag

    Little Annie has a yellow bag Given to her by her sometime Dad who would say “It’ll keep the ghosts away” Silver bangles and a popped balloon Ruby lipstick and a postcard of the moon She’ll be leaving soon Oh, Annie, where’d you sleep last night? Oh, Annie, hold your head up high Oh, Annie, […]

  • Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Is

    Look at you with your bitter pen And your pocketful of names I’m sorry that your Daddy’s dead But you’re a bastard all the same Put your mouth where your money is Put a bullet in your brain Look at you with your sweaty shirt And your suitcase in the hall I’m sorry that she […]

  • My Mini and Me

    I wanna pack it all in – Pack up and go to sea Wind down like Huckleberry Finn Sleep in a poplar tree Time I gave my mind a rest Wanna feel some of that weightlessness Away from the smog and the noise and the mess – My Mini and me. I wanna give it […]

  • My Narrow Man

    Tall and pretty in skinny blue jeans You’re the kind of boy I’d like to be Your kiss is sweeter than fizzy pink wine You look better in my fishnets than me My narrow man My narrow man Tall and graceful with bambi brown eyes Audrey Hepburn’s got nothing on you Your smile is a […]