Drink for the funeral drums inside your belly
Drink for the rattle and cry you’ll never know
Drink for the panic that pushes you unsteady
Drink for the terror that tickles at your toe

Fate is as natural as sin
– no point in fighting it –
The stars and the itch have set in…
So you’ve got to

Drink for the tick and the tock and the Titanic,
Drink for the moment he goes.

Drink like the Devil is dancing in your garters
Drink like the tip of your tongue is gonna burn
Drink like the drought of the dead has just departed
Drink like the boot of Poseidon’s at your stern

You’re wrung and you’re wrong and you’re wrecked
– no point in fighting it –
Tomorrow’s the time to reflect…
Now just go and

Drink to drink like an albatross drowning in a tempest,
Drink like he’ll never return

Drink to remember the way he used to hold you
Drink to remember the moonlight when you met
Drink to the things that he never would have told you
Drink to the ripples of rage and of regret

Life is the passing of time
– so you wait within
The shadows he’s leaving behind

So go on and
Drink to the man and the sea that is his mistress,

And then try to forget.

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