Category: The Sea Cabinet Lyrics

  • Drip

    You drank every drip every drop of my energy You took every tick every tock of my time and then you Sung every beat every note of my melody and Gave it a name and then it wasn’t mine You wept and you wailed ’til my shoulder was sodden and You ranted and railed ’til […]

  • Lorelei

    She took his hand and she put it in hers Wouldn’t be the last and was not the first She sung her song and she spun him a curse Cry out For the loss of another Her sea-green eyes never miss a trick Those sweet mohitos pack quite a kick Her careless smile cuts him […]

  • The King’s Shilling

    Hey sailor lad come see my ship, I’ve seen the power of your grip Heave ho leave, come away / Oh Johnny, I don’t trust this man, I smell a mischief in his plan I’m sure I saw him fighting yesterday Hey sailor lad if you’ve a thirst, I’ll fill you ’til your liver’s burst […]

  • Drink

    Drink for the funeral drums inside your belly Drink for the rattle and cry you’ll never know Drink for the panic that pushes you unsteady Drink for the terror that tickles at your toe Fate is as natural as sin – no point in fighting it – The stars and the itch have set in… So […]

  • Plenty Time for Praying

    There’s fortune in the stars, boys, and treasure in my chest And I know just the kind of bait you brigands like the best So come and take a nibble and I’ll catch you in my nets There’ll be plenty time for praying in the morning There’s magic in the moon boys, I never miss […]

  • Promises

    She’s not the wife she thought she’d be It’s not the life she thought she’d lead He’s not the man she thought she’d come to need But still he’s always there / In every sign she reads They whisper at the coffee shop “She’s always on her own” they say And “where on earth’s she […]

  • Fishguard Ladies

    Fifty Fishguard ladies in a row Kiss them twice and wind them up and look at them go (kiss kiss) Blushing at the raindrops Curling up the clifftops in the snow Fifty Fishguard ladies in a line Bold as brazen monkeys with a war in their minds Staring out to sunset Waiting hushed and concrete for […]

  • I Still Hear The Bells

    We built our house here on the shore We wrote our names above the door And you were mine alone forever more / We built our love way out of sight We clung together, held on tight And said our vows one secret stormy night And it’s so long since our last farewell… But I […]

  • Alderney

    Leaving Two hours ’til take off take everything Off with a bagful of my leaving Fire in the mantle left flickering Wardrobe with clothes all turned to stone Coming 6,000 tourists in shackling Scuff up the shingle for they’re coming To slip on my slippers and petticoats And fill all the pastures with their bone […]

  • Sweeter

    The rocks below, the lightning above Clouds making raindrops while we made love in the sea Everything was so much sweeter when you shared it all with me Your lips, the salt in your kiss Your sundrunk tears reflecting the misty blue Everything was so much sweeter when I shared it all with – You […]