She’s not the wife she thought she’d be
It’s not the life she thought she’d lead
He’s not the man she thought she’d come to need
But still he’s always there / In every sign she reads

They whisper at the coffee shop
“She’s always on her own” they say
And “where on earth’s she walking to today?”
But they can’t comprehend / It has to be this way

Deaf to their fate / Blind to their stars
And innocent of all the future scars
The promise holds fast / The promise runs deep
The promises that she will always keep

She gives her self, she gives to him
She gives her joy, she gives her pain
And every day she gives herself again
The daily toil and grind / Her love can take strain

He leaves her once, he leaves no more
He leaves her letters in the sand
The signs that only she can understand
And he is hers alone / Her shifting shadow man


And every second beats
The pulse of them beneath her feet
And every hour renews
The promises that bind the two
And every day refreshed
The sacrament of thought and flesh
And every year the sea
Preserves their love
For all eternity…

His skin is salty on her tongue
His whispers soft caress her face
And hold her in a cradling embrace
The rock of sound and sleep / That keeps her dreaming safe

The cabin echoes with the sound
Of absent children on her knee
The giggles and the murmurs of the sea
She hears another life / That never came to be


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